What is a Radon Mitigation Certification Course?

Radon mitigation is an important part of homeownership for those with basements. Radon is a substance that can cause lung cancer, and it builds up in below-ground areas of the home. A radon mitigation certification course will help you become certified to take steps to help homeowners rid their homes of this dangerous substance. The Environmental Protection Agency sets standards for how much radon should be in a home, and as a certified radon mitigation professional, you can reduce the amount of radon in houses in a knowledgeable and professional way.

Our radon mitigation certification course is combined with a radon measurement course. This is done at a discounted rate to give you the benefit of learning about both important topics. You’ll get all the training necessary to become certified to both measure radon and to mitigate it in homes.

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This course also includes a two-day mentoring session with a certified mitigator. This empowers you to gain hands-on experience in installing a mitigation system and doing diagnostics. These sessions are scheduled to coincide with your work schedule, and you can usually drive to them from your current work or home location.

In the course, you’ll watch online videos and access online resources that include interviews with radon experts to give you insight into their experience and extensive technological and practical knowledge of the field. You’ll also receive the 2-day mentoring session, as previously mentioned, course manuals, online quizzes, and downloadable course certificates.

You’ll learn from Doug Kladder, who has been involved with radon measurement and mitigation technology development since 1984. He has authored books on the subject of radon and was the Lead Instructor and Associate Director of the Western Regional Radon Training Center from 1989-1998.

Home inspectors, indoor air quality professionals, insurance and real estate professionals, contractors in HVAC/remodeling/weatherization/windows and door/flooring/waterproofing, and those interested in pursuing a new career are ideal candidates for this course.

You can start the course right after you register and schedule the exam when you’re ready to become certified. You can take the exam at a location near you when you register through LaserGrade. It’s important to note that this course isn’t available in Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio, or Iowa.

Taking this radon mitigation certification course is the first step to either starting a new career as a radon mitigator or to expanding your current services to customers. If you’re in the real estate or insurance fields, you can provide accurate and honest information about radon mitigation to your clients and help them make the most informed choices for their health and investments.

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