Why discouraging Diploma mills is important?

Not every alternate can be as good as the initial one. Furthermore, not everything has its alternate. There are numerous things which cannot be replaced by anything. Degree education is one of them. Since the decades, there are some educationalists who are trying their heart out to replace the importance or existence of degrees with the diploma. To impose their agenda, they have also established numerous diploma mills which made a chain reaction and started establishing all around the globe after considering as an equivalent to a degree.

It is true that diplomas are beneficial for the people. Especially for those who cannot afford the expenses of a quality degree programs. This is the negative side of degree culture which should be counter as soon as possible. However, even now proposing diploma as the alternate of the degree programs is not possible.

To spread this message further, I decided to write this article in which I am going to discuss few of the most important points and answer the question why discouraging diploma mills is important.

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They produce people with skills only:

Would you like to get yourself operated by a person who is a dabbler? Certainly not. No one would even think about it. But this could become possible if we all do not start discouraging diploma mills. These mills are producing people who have skills only. These people are not equipped with the right knowledge and information of using their skills in the right directions. If someone with a diploma in literature or any writing field, he would only able to make his life in providing essay help to other but not in teaching students so they can write their essays on their own. That is why most of the times the diploma holders made mistakes which cause great problems for the masses.

Not accredited:

Diploma mills are like a full stop on the academic career of people. Most of these diploma mills are not accredited which means you cannot get higher education or higher degrees which need to be accredited by the government accreditation bodies. Due to this, numerous students who dream to get better and higher education failed to achieve their aims and then consolidate their entire lives with a non-accredited diploma or degree.

Manipulating the market:

A person with a diploma or non-accredited degree usually charges much less prize in return for his services or ask for less salary than the person with a degree from reputable and accredited college. This would be a great thing for the employers but not so good for the market. These diploma holders get their education with much less tuition fee and other charges as compared to the total tuition fee of degree programs from reputed college and universities. Due to this, they also demand much more salaries and charges for their services because they not only have the knowledge of the jobs that they do but also the right skills to perform their tasks. Though, the alumni of diploma mills are manipulating the market and making tough for the people with degrees to take their rightful shares from the market.

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